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Why choose paper packaging boxes?

2024-04-27 08:00

Why choose paper packaging boxes?

When we buy something, we are often attracted by what we can do to determine what we buy. It must have been overlooked by many. Recently, researchers in seven countries of the European Union conducted an authoritative survey on consumers. When they sell things, the paper packaging products are more likely to be purchased by consumers.

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Why do consumers prefer paper packaging boxes? The reason turned out to be this


At present, paper food packaging boxes are widely used around the world. Foreigners like to use paper as packaging boxes for various items. We usually like to watch American and British dramas. Friends can find it through the supermarket market, breakfast Everyone in the store is holding a kraft paper packaging box with a very simple problem. The development of packaging and printing paper in developed countries with technology presents the following new functions and its technological development: the development direction of multi-layer materials and single-layer materials; offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing , the coexistence of screen printing and other printing methods and the fastest growing among flexographic printing; the development of online networks in the direction of sheet-fed paper production, independently; a variety of applications involving integration, such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials and new technologies, constantly optimizing the entire production system, making the paper quality packaging production process simpler and more convenient.

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